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Pondicherry Police Museum

  • Pondicherry, India

A POLICE Museum has been opened at No.24, Jawaharlal Nehru Street, Puducherry on 10.07.92. The Museum will help in educating the public regarding the various aspects of Puducherry Police and its evolution from the French time to the modern Indian times. It will also help in building up police-public relations.  

The Police Museum will have an Armoury Section in which certain types of arms and ammunition will be on display for public view.  The purpose will be to arouse public interest in the various types of arms and ammunition being used by the police.  For the purpose of supervision, maintenance and security, the Armoury Section of the Museum will come under SI/Armoury under the overall supervision of CMT/PAP. CMT will also depute one of the Armoury staff to take exclusive charge of the Armoury Section of the Police Museum. For all purposes, the Armoury Section of the police museum will be treated as an extension of the main Police Armoury.

The Police Museum shall be kept open for the public during the following timings:  

9 A.M.  to  1 P.M. 
2 P.M.  to  6 P.M.  

The museum shall be closed on Mondays for maintenance and other works.

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